Southern California Home Inventory documents personal property for homeowners in writing and with video and photos to maximize insurance claims
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Do you have an updated home inventory in a secure
location away from your home?

Could you remember everything you own in the event of
a burglary, fire, or other disaster?

Insurance companies and estate planners strongly recommend a thorough documentation of the personal property in your home. National Insurance Industry statistics show that fewer than 20% of homeowners have an updated home inventory, but those homeowners typically collect more when submitting an insurance claim.

Southern California Home Inventory specializes in documenting and recording personal property for homeowners. We can provide you with a complete written and digital photographic record on CD of your home and its contents. This professional, reliable, third party, home inventory is designed to maximize insurance claims, while helping to make the process smoother.

Having an updated inventory of your home and personal property satisfies the burden of proof that insurance companies require prior to settling a claim. If you ever need to file a claim, you may collect thousands of dollars more by having a complete home inventory. Additionally, it will assist police by identifying your property after a theft.

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