Southern California Home Inventory documents personal property for homeowners in writing and with video and photos to maximize insurance claims

Over 6 million burglaries occur each year in American homes - basically one every 10 seconds.1   One residential structure fire occurs every 82 seconds.2   The average property loss continues to climb each year - not due to more incidents, but because of the increased value of the personal property in our homes.

If you were a victim of a burglary, theft, fire, or other catastrophe, trying to recall or prove what you had in your home could be very difficult and costly.

Ask yourself:

  • Could you remember everything you own?
  • Could you provide proof of ownership to your insurance company or the police department?
  • Did all of your receipts, pictures, and information about your valuables get destroyed?

Insurance companies generally try to be helpful and cooperative in paying a claim, but they don't come to you with a blank check. Its your responsibility to prove your loss, and having a written record of these items will help to process your claim faster. Also, insurance companies will replace property with the "same kind and quality" concept of what you lost. If your property is valued above the "standard" rule, it's your responsibility to prove otherwise.

Even the Insurance Information Institute admits, "The more documentation you have regarding your possessions, the better your insurance company will be able to handle your claim...Your claim will be processed more rapidly than otherwise and you are more likely to collect in full."

Insurance companies will want you to prepare an inventory of your property and provide records and documents of what was lost, including bills and receipts that justify the figures of your claim. You shouldn't wait for a disaster to occur before preparing your home inventory. That is the advice given by the Insurance Information Network of California. Be proactive and be prepared.

Southern California Home Inventory can handle everything for you. We think you'll find it surprisingly easy and affordable. Click on the Services link to learn more about how we can provide you with a complete inventory of your home (documented in writing, by video, and by digital photography).

1   National Crime Industry
2   National Fire Protection Agency

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