Southern California Home Inventory documents personal property for homeowners in writing and with video and photos to maximize insurance claims

Southern California Home Inventory specializes in documenting and recording personal property for homeowners. Our services are designed to help you maximize your insurance claim, while making the process smoother.

We'll present your information in a personalized portfolio which will include:

  • A complete written inventory (including descriptions, model/serial numbers, cost, and estimated or appraised value) of your personal property
  • High-quality individual, digital photos of non-standard or valuable items on CD disk, plus thumbnail printout

Our Process

We begin with a thorough walk-through of the interior and exterior of your home. This is followed by a complete, digital photographic record of any property that does not fit into the "standard" rule. Keep in mind that insurance companies will replace property with the "same kind and quality" concept of what you lost. If your property is valued above the "standard" rule, it's your responsibility to prove otherwise.

Other items that may have been endorsed on your policy or appraised will also be recorded. Although these items are documented on your policy, a digital record will assist police in identifying your property in the event of theft.

For the digital photos taken, we utilize a CD rather than a floppy disk for two reasons:

  • The higher quality format makes it easier for insurance companies and police departments to view the information.
  • The CD format is an optical media, while floppies are magnetic. This allows CDs to have an approximate 80-year life without data loss, while floppies may start degrading after only 8 years.

Data Storage

We download the information onto our secured database using a numbering system to ensure your privacy. We then transfer the data onto two non-rewriteable CDs (80-year shelf life). One of the CDs is supplied to you, the other maintained by us in an off-site safety deposit box for one year from the date of your original home inventory. Having the two identical CDs in different locations will provide a secure system to prevent the loss of pertinent information required to process and maximize a claim or identify your property in the event of theft.

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