Southern California Home Inventory documents personal property for homeowners in writing and with video and photos to maximize insurance claims

Hi Sandra:

Thank you for the nice note...I would like to commend your company for the fine home inventory service that you have provided....After the fires in Santa Barbara, May 2009, we decided that living in a fire area that it was important to obtain a home inventory in case something ever drastic happened, such as fire, theft, natural disaster...We had been talking about it too long and after moving into our new home thought it was now time...Being retired it would be difficult to remember and replace what we have.

We went on the website and the BEST WEBSITE was So CA Home Inventory.. I made one call to owner, Sandra, and an appointment was promptly made for her to visit...She gave a brief overview by phone and then it was a pleasure to meet with her on a Saturday morning at our home. Sandra is pleasant and comfortable to work with...She first took a video of the house, interior and exterior, and then walked with me around the house as I identified each item and value and she took notes...She then proceeded on her own and took pictures of all items...

About 1 week later, we received a professional package that contained a complete video, pictures, and itemization of all our items and a summary with the replacement cost breakdown attached...We contacted our insurance company and they wanted a copy of the itemization for their records...They assured us that we have the adequate coverage for our personal belongings...We maintain a copy of the package in our safe deposit box, and Sandra, at So Cal Inventory keeps another copy...Once a year we have the opportunity to update the package at a nominal fee.

We are extremely satisifed with this company and Sandra, and it has exceeded all of our expectations for "home inventory"....It is very reasonable in cost, you cannot afford not to have it...I would recommend this company to all my friends, co-workers, and family.

Garner Valley, CA - June 2009


Hi Sandra,

I can't thank you enough for the amazing inventory you conducted in our home. You arrived on time, as scheduled and spent the entire day in my home and it hardly seemed like anyone was around! However, after seeing the completed portfolio it was quite apparent how professional and thorough your efforts were in completing our inventory.

This was a project that I always had on my "To Do" list and never seemed to get it done. Now, thanks to you, I have a complete home inventory safely tucked away in a Safety Deposit box. Thank you for enabling us to have complete peace of mind in the unfortunate case of any disaster. I will recommend you and your services to everyone.

Los Angeles, CA - 2008


I highly recommend the services of Southern California Home Inventory.  Sandra made what seemed to be a complex situation very understandable and easy for me.  She handled all the details with my attorney and helped my family expedite the probate process.  My attorney was also very complimentary of Southern California Home Inventory.


Lake Elsinore, CA - 2006



Thanks for the great job with our home inventory.

After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, we began to ask ourselves "how would we ever remember all of our possessions if disaster struck us?"

My wife and I are busy professionals, and simply did not have the time to make a detailed written and photographic inventory of our home. So we did some research, and chose Southern California Home Inventory

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the completed portfolio.

  • Detailed written descriptions and inventory of all significant valuables in addition to their digital photographs.
  • Digital photographs of the entire home
  • Serial numbers of all the home electronics.
  • Physical measurements of all the artwork with purchase dates and estimated value.

Our complete home portfolio and video was definitely worth the value.

Thanks for the great job.

Dr.’s John and Jane Doe
Corona Del Mar, CA - 2005


Hi Sandra,

Now that my dad's estate has been settled, I wanted to write a brief note to say thanks for all your hard work.

As you are well aware, the last thing one considers after the death of a loved one, is organizing an inventory of their assets. After my dad passed away, I learned that one of my responsibilities, as Trustee of his estate, was to complete such an inventory. Needless-to-say, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to begin itemizing his 40+ years of accumulated personal property. Thankfully, my daughter referred me to Southern California Home Inventory. 

As the owner of Southern California Home Inventory, I would like to say that your business is a tribute to you! You swiftly and efficiently itemized my dad's inventory with an expertise and professionalism that far exceeded my expectations.  I was extremely impressed with every aspect of your work, especially the finished product which included an attractive leather-bound case that neatly contained all the information necessary for a comprehensive inventory (i.e. the VHS tape, CD, slides and descriptions).

Thank you so much for providing not just a quality professional service, but an affordable quality professional service. In the future, please be assured that I will not hesitate to confidently recommend Southern California Home Inventory to anyone in need of your services. 

With sincere thanks,

Joanne Newman
Huntington Beach


The arduous task of documenting our valuable items for insurance purposes was made much simpler with the assistance of Southern California Home Inventory. Sandra was very thorough, informative, and patient. The quality and timeliness of the deliverables exceeded our expectations.

Long Beach, CA - 2004


Just a short note to thank you for your professionalism and thoroughness during the asset inventory of our company conducted last month.  As promised, you were prompt and efficient during the entire process, from itemizing, to categorizing and photographing all of our company's assets.  As a nursing staffing agency, we are required by both governmental and hospital regulatory bodies to provide attention to detail and timely documentation, to ignore the before mentioned could lead to the closure of an agency.

As a result, much attention is given to the purchase of supportive technology and office equipment. So, we were pleased to see that your company reflects the same ideology in its practice and attention to detail.  We are now the proud owners of a comprehensive portfolio, which includes a video and CD of our business inventory categorized by office rooms within our suite.  I am please to say that the quality exceeded my expectations and as a result I will endorse your company to colleagues, family and friends for both their business and personal home inventory needs.  I wish you continued success in your company's endeavors.

Fullerton, CA - 2004

P.S.  This inventory was perfectly timed with our company's property taxes due and helped us to isolate equipment and values for that project as well. Feel free to release my contact information for future prospective business.


The inventory of my home was more complete than I ever expected! It was returned in a timely manner and was very professionally presented.

Sandra's engaging personality made her a pleasure to have in my home. I would highly recommend her services.

Long Beach, CA - 2004


I'm currently going through a divorce and, at the request of my attorney, I obtained the services of Southern California Home Inventory (SCHI).

As anyone who has gone through a divorce might know, this has been a very difficult time. Our shared possessions consisted of not only a home filled with many valuable items, but represented memories that I was just not up to dealing with. SCHI took the burden off of my shoulders. They were extremely helpful and understanding of my situation. In fact, they offered a same-week appointment and delivered my completed inventory just days later.

Sandra, I thank you so much for all of your help and for the extreme professionalism you displayed.

Ontario, CA - 2004


After recently moving to a new home and finally getting everything in place, I realized we needed an inventory of our possessions. I inquired locally and am so pleased to have chosen the services of Southern California Home Inventory.

They made everything almost effortless for us. They came to our home and helped organize and identify not only our regular possessions, but also our jewelry, art, and sports memorabilia collections. In addition, they reviewed our insurance policy and made suggestions for proper coverage.

Within days of their visit, I received all of my documentation in a beautiful portfolio. I am truly impressed with SCHI's service and professionalism.

Above all, it is a tremendous relief to know that in the event of an emergency, all of the vital information on the contents of my home is immediately available to me on a single CD. I would have paid thousands of dollars for this piece of mind, but instead it was surprisingly affordable.

I am pleased to offer my highest praise to Southern California Home Inventory and have already begun referring friends and colleagues.

Newport Beach, CA - 2003

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